Bachelor's Degree in Product Design (in Spanish only)

(University degree level, 240 ECTS)
Bachelor's Degree | BC301 | Bachelor's Degree in Product Design (in Spanish only)

These studies are aimed at training qualified product designers so they are able to project, analyze, research and identify the proprieties and physical characteristics, as well as the symbolic and communicative values that have to characterize his or her productions, defining the shape, configuration, quality, performance, value and aesthetic, social and environmental significance of those productions.

Product design is one of the most in demand studies today as it is a powerful tool for differentiating companies and enabling them to stand out from their competitors. The growing and unstoppable complexity of the global market is increasingly requiring companies to equip themselves with highly skilled professionals to compete in products and services.

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  • Certification: Bachelor's Degree in Product Design
  • Language: Spanish
  • Credits: 240 ECTS
  • Program length: 4 years
  • Start date: September
  • Schedule: Mornings or evenings
  • Itineraries:
    • Urban and domestic product design
    • Interactive technological products design
    • Design for mobility

Discover the creations of our Product Design students.

- Having the ability to project and determine the physical properties and the communicational principles of his production, defining the quality, the functioning, and its aesthetic, social and environmental values.

- Generating new concepts and innovate the design of the product through techniques, research methods and design processes.

- Knowing the positive social influence of the design, its incidence in the improvement of the quality of life and the environment, and its ability to generate identity, innovation and production quality.

  • Containers and packages design
  • Footwear design
  • Toy design
  • Electrical appliance design
  • Furniture design for the house or for offices
  • Urban elements design
  • Lighting and luminaires design
  • Design for the automotive industry
  • Tools and accessories design
  • Toilets and taps design
  • Design for the handcraft
  • Design for special conditions
  • Design, research and development of new concepts, materials, applications and products
  • Research and teaching
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