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Bachelor's Degree in Product Design (in Spanish only)

Official degree issued by the Ministry of Education
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Bachelor's Degree | BC501 | Bachelor's Degree in Product Design (in Spanish only)

Program equivalent for all purposes to a university degree and accredited by the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

These studies are aimed at the qualified training of product designers so that they are able to analyze, research, design and prototype the physical properties and qualities for new industrial products. They also know how to provide the symbolic and communicative values that should characterize them, defining their form, configuration, quality, operation, value and aesthetic, social and environmental significance.

We are surrounded by all kinds of objects and, for this reason, product design is one of the most demanded nowadays as a powerful tool to differentiate companies from their competitors. The changes that are taking place in our society (housing, electronics, mobility, etc.) and the growing and unstoppable complexity of the market at a global level increasingly requires companies to hire highly qualified professionals to compete in products and services. Thanks to their creative vision and technical knowledge, product designers provide solutions to improve the quality of life of individuals and society.

LCI Barcelona offers a very practical program that aims to establish links between education and the social and productive fabric. It is an innovative perspective with respect to the current offer of the university system because it offers the student to specialize from the first year through the implementation of projects in collaboration with companies in the sector.

After finishing the degree, the student will be prepared to enter a profession that is increasingly required by companies. He or she will be part of the LCI Education network international portfolio and also part of the wide range of LCI Barcelona job opportunities. The program will also offer the student the possibility of studying a specialization master or an official master, that allows access to a PhD program for those who decide to direct their career towards the world of research.

Bachelor Degree Product Design Barcelona

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Interview student Bachelor Product Design

Interview with student

Josep Segovia explains what he would highlight about the degree and how he lives his #MadeInLCI experience.

Product Design Aflote initiative

Aflote initiative

1st and 2nd year students participated in this solidarity and sustainable design project by developing life jackets with cork stoppers.

  • Degree: Higher Arts Education in Design, Product specialty
  • Credits: 240 ECTS
  • Duration: 4 academic years
  • Start date: September
  • Language: Spanish
  • Routes:
    • Domestic and urban product design
    • Interaction technological product design
    • Design for mobility

This program is designed for people who have finished their Upper Secondary School Studies or an Advanced Vocational Training Cycle in Plastic Arts and Design and want to start their career in the world of product design.


Product and experience designer who helps companies to be more competitive. He is an expert in providing concept renewal and development, giving specific solutions for each case. In 2006 he created his own home products editor, Amor de Madre. He is currently responsible for the Product Design area of LCI Barcelona, as well as collaborating as a professor in other design universities. He has worked with companies and institutions such as Camper, Lékué, Delica, Mago Urban, Alma Light, Rumitag, the Museo Picasso, Artesanía de Cataluña and the ADI-FAD, and has exhibited in galleries around the world.

Discover the projects made by our students through the Portfolio platform.

  • Management of industrial design projects
  • Head of product design department
  • Product design for industry
  • Domestic furniture design
  • Design of urban elements
  • Furniture design for commercial spaces
  • Design of consumer goods
  • Packaging design
  • Lighting design
  • Product design and fashion accessories
  • Footwear design
  • Design for the automotive industry
  • Design of elements for mobility
  • Home appliance design
  • Technology product design
  • Creation of 3D computer graphics
  • Design for craftsmanship
  • Design management
  • Product development
  • Design and development of concepts, materials and applications for new products
  • Research and teaching

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