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Our campus has two fully equipped photo studios designed for students and professors to carry out their class work and personal projects.

The FotoLabs have:

  • Profoto D2 (X3), D (X1) and B1X (X2) lighting equipment.
  • Battery powered flashes.
  • Light modifiers (Honeycombs, Beauty Dish, rectangular Softboxes, Softbox Octa and white and translucent umbrellas).
  • Mac computer with Capture One software for connected camera sessions.
  • Color backgrounds (in addition to the classic white, black and gray).
  • Color gelatines.
  • Color and correction filters by Rosco.
  • Wooden backgrounds for product photography.
  • Lighting kit for external sessions (available with previous reservation).

People who want to check the photo studios schedules and reserve one of them can do so in the following ways:

In both cases, they will receive written confirmation of their reservation, either by e-mail or by hand. Is strongly recommended to arrive at the time indicated to use the FotoLabs.

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