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Why study with us?

Training at LCI Barcelona offers students the possibility of maximizing their talent and creative capacity to begin to achieve their goals and everything they set out to do. All the programs offered pursue the same objective: to provide quality teaching that guarantees student empowerment through theoretical and practical knowledge and opens doors to the world of work with a guarantee of success.

Haven't you decided yet? Discover the seven reasons to choose LCI Barcelona:

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Thanks to the LCI Education International Mobility Program, the student can be trained in any of the 23 campuses that the network has distributed in the 5 continents and being able to do internships in companies in these countries. In addition, the School is part of the Erasmus+ Program of exchange with other European universities. All this allows the student to prepare for the future with a global perspective and opportunities.


LCI Barcelona has relationships with more than 150 companies, institutions and partners. Through its Business Service, each student is offered personalized attention in all processes of career guidance and the search for internships and employment through the School's job bank. The objective is to advise, accompany and contribute knowledge on effective strategies of labor insertion and information on how to use the available resources for the proactive management of professional development.

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LCI Education makes the exclusive Portfolio tool available to its entire community. It is an online platform that allows students and alumni to give visibility to their projects, get in contact with national and international recruiters and take advantage of job offers and internships from companies located in all countries where the network has a campus and where new talents are needed.


Beyond their teaching activity, the School's professors are active professionals within their respective sectors. Under their guidance, students will know the current state of each area, acquire the necessary knowledge to develop their full potential and be able to use the tools at their disposal. All of them are committed to the consolidation of a center of creation and experimentation in continuous development, promoting the spirit of collaboration and sustainability in design and society.

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The LCI Barcelona facilities have been specially designed to enhance the students' talent and help them develop their full creative potential. Its 3,500 square meters include more than thirty classrooms adapted to the needs of each area, multipurpose spaces and other more specialized ones (TecnoFab, FotoLabs, AulaLab, etc.), in addition to common areas such as the library, the cafeteria or the Agora, the center of the social life of the LCI community. The campus is located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district, which has a high level of commercial, cultural, restaurant and leisure activity.


The School offers a dynamic and constantly updated education platform, closely connected with the social, cultural and economic context to integrate and transmit to the student the evolution of techniques and the needs of people, companies and institutions. LCI Barcelona is committed to practical training based on the project culture and design thinking as learning methodologies and focused on the development of the abilities and aptitudes of the student, who has the opportunity to specialize from day one in small class groups.

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During their training at LCI Barcelona, students learn to anticipate trends, challenge established paradigms and improve the world taking into account elements such as sustainability and commitment to the environment and society. The LCI community works by applying these values to their projects based on the characteristics of each sector and, at the same time, collaborative and research methods are promoted with other areas to take advantage of the benefits of interdisciplinarity.

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