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LCI Education's International Mobility Program offers LCI Barcelona students the opportunity to add value to their education by completing a study stay at any of the network's campuses. For those who are looking for a professional experience, it is also possible to do an internship in more than twenty cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, Melbourne or Jakarta. This program is backed by the quality assurance of LCI Education, which works to ensure its entire community a unique international reach.

Discover the experience of a group of students and alumni who traveled to Montreal to take a two-week specialization course at LaSalle College. In addition to learning how to prototype thermal and water-resistant clothing, which they tested during a boat trip on Saint Lawrence river, they had the chance to live first-hand the Canadian lifestyle and culture, which has a clear Anglo-Saxon influence, through its customs and traditions, its rich architecture, its gastronomy, etc. In short, a stay that helped them grow both personally and professionally:

Do not miss either the story of Valentina and Alejandra, two friends who met while studying at LCI Bogotá and decided to take advantage of LCI Education's mobility options to come and study a master at the School:


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