Future students

International students

LCI Barcelona, through the Department of Student Services, give advises to all international students who want to start their studies at our School.

The steps you have to consider to live and study in Barcelona and in our School are:

  • Student Visa Application
  • Request for NIE
  • Certification for studies
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Accommodation in Barcelona

Steps for international students

Before your arrival in Barcelona:

  • Admission and registration LCI Barcelona: Admissions Department will give you all the information about our programs. And after delivering the required documentation, the School confirm you your admission. Finally, to complete your registration must complete the appropriate forms and pay the enrollment fee.

  • Certificate of Registration: The Admissions Department of the School will send you a letter confirming your enrollment LCI Barcelona order to introduce in the application of procedures such as student visa or NIE*.

  • Visa application to the Spanish diplomatic missions or consular offices in your country. The student visa must be processed only in the case of studies over 90 days. Otherwise it will be valid for a tourist visa.

Preparing for travel and stay in Barcelona: You can request a listing of residences that will facilitate the accommodation as well as any other information concerning your stay.

*NIE: Identity Number Foreigner. It is a mandatory document to process once the student arrives to Spain.

Upon arrival in Barcelona:

  • Confirm NIE: This document is requested in one of these two Foreign Offices Barcelona:
    • European Community or Foreign: Foreign offices of the Rambla Guipúzcoa, by appointment.
    • Foreign or European Community: Office of Passeig de Sant Joan. Schedule an appointment with the Admissions Department to sign the registration and other formalities relating to student records.

During the estance in Barcelona:

  • In the case of extending your stay in Barcelona the NIE must be renewed 60 days before expiration.
  • Welcome to LCI Barcelona! You can participate in workshops, conferences and other activities organized by the School!
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