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Ordinary call 2021 (information being updated)


According to Resolution EDU/121/2022, of January 26th, published in the Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya (nº 8599 – 4.2.2022) and modified in a subsequent regulation, the general bases for the specific admission test to Higher Arts Education adapted to the European Higher Education Area and called for the academic year 2022-2023 have been approved.


1. Objective of the specific test

The objective of the specific admission test to Higher Art Education in Design is to check that the aspirants are in possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to carry out the corresponding studies.


2. Admission requirements

Enrolment is open to people who have the academic requirement for admission, a High School degree or equivalent (or who have passed the university entrance exam for those over 25 years old), or who are in a position to obtain it before the enrolment period for higher artistic education, or those who provide the certificate proving that they have passed the exam for people who do not have the academic requirement.

Applicants who do not meet the academic admission requirement may access the Higher Art Education in Design by passing a maturity test in relation to the objectives of High School.

The application is presented in the telematic register, by means of the computer application available on the web page of Departament d'Educació, in the section of Admission Test.


3. Supervision

The Inspectorate of Education supervises and advises on the development of the test. During the execution of the specific admission test, participants must prove their identity by presenting the original DNI, passport or NIE, at the request of the Inspectorate of Education or the members of the evaluation commissions.


4. Applicants with specific educational needs

Candidates with specific educational needs arising from physical, mental or sensory disabilities or other serious disorders, who have official recognition, may request the additional resources necessary to participate in the admission test.


5. Specific admission test

Applicants who meet the academic entrance requirement or who provide a certificate of having passed the test for students who do not meet the academic requirement may enrol. Registration for the specific admission test is carried out in the same center to which access is sought.

Applicants who, at the time of registration, do not yet have the academic access requirement must present it before the publication of the provisional score so that it can be incorporated into the rest of the documents.

Even if only one place can be obtained per center, applicants may register for the specific admission test in more than one speciality, specifying the order of preference.


6. Number of places advertised

LCI Barcelona offers for the 2021-2022 academic year a total of 180 first-year places for the Bachelor's Degree in Design (120 specialty Fashion, 20 specialty Product, 20 specialty Interior and 20 specialty Graphic).


7. Admission period for applications to the test

The admission period for applicants to the test begins on 11th May 2021 and ends on 19th June 2021, both inclusive, in the Admissions Department of the center.


8. Documents

a) Application form for registration.

b) Original and photocopy of DNI or passport (NIE card in the case of international students).

c) ID size photograph.

d) Official document accrediting that the candidate has the High School degree (or equivalent) or the university entrance exam for those over 25 years old.


9. Evaluation commissions

The management of the center appoints an evaluation committee made up of members of its teaching staff. The committees have the function of elaborating, executing and evaluating the different exercises of the test, according to the specific bases.

The list of the members of each evaluation committee is published on the notice board of the school 10 days before the start of the test.


10. Characteristics of the test

The specific admission test has a diagnostic character, so that the applicant who does not pass will be able to receive appropriate information and guidance on the possibilities of following the training pathways he intends to undertake, focusing on the knowledge, skills and abilities with respect to which deficits have been identified that need to be overcome.

The contents of the test will be theoretical, practical or mixed. The test has two parts, A and B, which are subdivided, if necessary, into various exercises that can be grouped into blocks. Parts A and B can be carried out in any order.

  • Part A aims to prove the possession, to an enough degree, of the knowledge and skills required to access the corresponding studies.
  • The objective of part B is to prove the possession of the necessary skills to carry out the corresponding studies successfully.

The final grade, expressed on a scale from 0 to 10 with three decimal points, is the arithmetic mean of the grades obtained in both parts (A and B) of the test. The grade for each part is calculated according to the established weighting. The admission test is considered passed if a score equal to or greater than 5 has been obtained in each of the parts.


11. List of applications of applicants admitted and excluded to the test

The School advertises on its bulletin board:

  • The provisional list of applicants admitted and excluded to the test, indicating, if applicable, the reason for exclusion and the deadline for correcting defects in the documents submitted.
  • The definitive list of applicants admitted to the test.


12. Schedule and location of the test

All the exercises of the test are carried out in the same center (LCI Barcelona, Balmes street 209). The schedule of the test and the materials to be brought by the candidate can be consulted below.


13. Provisional list of test scores

Once the provisional list of grades for each part of the test has been published on the notice board, applicants can make written complaints to the evaluation committee.


14. Definitive list of test scores

The final list of admitted candidates will be published on 20th July 2021. Passing the specific admission test only empowers the applicant to enrol. In no case does it amount to the possession of an academic qualification or the passing of any subject.

Against the definitive qualifications of the private centers, interested applicants may submit a second complaint to the address of the corresponding territorial services or to the management of the Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona within one month from the day following publication.

The letter of complaint may be presented at the center where the applicant has been examined (during opening hours), at the corresponding territorial services or at the Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona. The secretary of the evaluation committee or, alternatively, the director of the center will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and attach a copy of the file of the complainant to send to their territorial services or to the Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona. The Inspectorate of Education will issue the corresponding report, and the head of the corresponding territorial services or the management of the Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona will resolve the complaint and inform the interested person.


15. Extraordinary call

Once the ordinary call has been completed and the registration has been made, if there are any vacancies, the center will be able to make a second call of the admission test in September by opening a new registration period and making the dates public.


16. Orientation Sessions

LCI Barcelona organizes free sessions to help candidates prepare for the admission test. Participants will be able to practice the different exercises and will receive advice on how to successfully pass them.


17. Course start

The start date of 2021-2022 academic course will be 13th September 2021.

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