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Future students

Scholarships and aids

We want to help you have the opportunity to study at LCI Barcelona and give you all possible resources!

Our Student Services Department will accompany and guide you through the entire process of applying for and processing the scholarships and grants that are available to you:


  • Who grants them? LCI Barcelona.
  • What do they consist of? These scholarships are designed so that our alumni can continue their education with us at a special price.
  • How can I apply? If you have finished your studies at LCI Barcelona during the last three years, you can take our master's and postgraduate programs with a 25% discount on the cost of each program (10% for the Master in Management and Direction of Fashion Companies). These scholarships are exclusive for former students of bachelor's degrees, diplomas, masters, postgraduates and pattern making courses (they must be at least 240 hours).
  • For further information: Contact our Alumni Club.



  • Who grants them? LCI Barcelona.
  • What do they consist of? These are scholarships designed to encourage the academic excellence of the students.
  • How can I apply? Within each subject, the student who obtains a distinction in the ordinary exam is exempted, the following year, from paying the amount equivalent to the number of credits of that subject.


  • Who grants them? The Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain.
  • What do they consist of? These are general scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year aimed at students pursuing post-compulsory studies in the area of higher arts education. You can apply for them if you are a student of an official bachelor's or master's degree.
  • How can I apply? You can check if you meet all the requirements on the official website of the Ministry of Education and submit your application until May 12th, 2022. The School offers a support service to help you apply for these scholarships.
  • For further information: Contact Raquel Fuster, from the Student Service area, who will provide you with more information and guidance through the application process.


  • Who grants them? LCI Barcelona.
  • What do they consist of? Those Ukrainian refugees who were in Ukraine pursuing studies related to the specialties we offer in the School at the outbreak of the conflict with Russia may continue, if they wish, their training with us completely free of charge for one academic year.
  • For further information: Contact Raquel Fuster, from the Student Service area.


  • Who awards it? LCI Barcelona.
  • What does it consist of? We are looking for the best High School final project in Catalonia! If your project is chosen, you will win an Apple pack (27-inch iMac + iPad Air) and your school will receive a set of books from Gustavo Gili Publishing House valued at 200 euros. The two runners-up will each win a Polaroid camera.
  • How can I participate? If you are in the last year of High School and your research project is related to design, visual arts, innovation or creativity, follow the instructions on this page. You can submit your project until June 30th, 2022.
  • For further information: Contact our Communication Department.
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