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About LCI Education

LCI Education is a diverse learning community of 12 select higher education institutions with 23 campuses on 5 continents, and 2,000 colleagues involved in educating over 20,000 learners worldwide each year. LCI Education also provides solutions to workforce challenges with adaptive digital learning options and much more. LCI Education harmonizes its programs from one country to the next, promoting greater flexibility and life-ready learning experiences, better control over the quality of its services, and deeper respect for the various cultures with which it works. LCI Education has been named one of Canada's Best Managed Companies.

LCI Education traces its origins back to LaSalle College Montreal, which was founded in 1959. Since then, the network's mission has been to connect its members to opportunities through quality education. The values of all the campuses to achieve this goal are: initiative, creativity, quality, mutual consideration, commitment and a spirit of sharing.

These are the campuses of the LCI Education network:


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Monterrey, Mexico

Bogotá, Colombia

Barranquilla, Colombia

San José, Costa Rica


Jakarta, Indonesia

Surabaya, Indonesia

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