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LCI Barcelona has a wide range of Job Opportunities aiming to satisfy the needs of design companies around the world.

Our students and alumni are professionally trained in order to meet any challenge within this sector. Our objective is to get even closer to companies within the design sector, considering their issues, adapting to their needs at all times and offering them the best professionals in the sector.

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In order to cover these diverse job opportunities, our job listings are divided into different areas, according to the profiles requested and the different nature of the contracts on offer:


For jobs where professional experience is not required but a good specific foundation in the subject is desirable.


For jobs where professional experience is required.

Work Experience*

In this area we establish College –Student –Company collaboration.

* Student profiles with the possibility of work experience: Bachelor in Design, Master´s degree, Courses for pattern design and sizing.


Within the numerous job offers we receive, the following are the most frequent:

  • Professional field of Fashion Design:
  • Fashion designer, fashion illustrator, fashion stylist, fashion photographer, consultant in media, entertainment and advertising, coolhunter, visual merchandiser, pattern maker - Industrial climber, production department, product manager.

  • Professional field of Graphic Design:
  • Graphic design, motion graphics, digital design applications, multimedia design, web design, art direction, graphic design interfaces, editorial design, design of training materials, corporate identity, design for television, font creation.

  • Professional field of Product Design:
  • Design of packaging, home design and furniture and home accessories, toy design, electrical design, design of automotive components.

  • Professional field of Interior Design:
  • Interior Design, design of commercial spaces and leisure, cultural and educational design spaces, design of temporary spaces, housing rehabilitation, public spaces and gardens, design events and temporary spaces, stands and window dressing, designing systems for local commercial or exhibition design.

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