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About LCI Barcelona

LCI Barcelona is the most international school of design and visual arts in the Catalan capital due to the 23 campuses spread across the 5 continents that the Canadian network LCI Education has and which the School belongs. Born in 2013 after the association between LCI Education and the Felicidad Duce Fashion School, LCI Barcelona is a referent in the field of education in design, animation, photography and management of creative industries that attracts, year after year, students from all over the world who want to become competitive professionals.

LCI Barcelona's academic offer is very wide and includes:

Being part of the LCI Education network provides LCI Barcelona with numerous possibilities for international mobility, as well as access to job offers and internships in multiple cities: Montreal, Vancouver, Melbourne, etc.

In June 2019, LCI Barcelona acquired the Seeway School to consolidate its educational offer in Graphic Design and add three new educational areas: Animation, Video Game Design and Photography.

We are a private center authorized by the Departament d'Educació of the Generalitat de Catalunya (code 08058398) which has a bachelor's degree in design accredited by the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya and equivalent for all purposes to a university degree, in addition to three official master's degrees verified by AQU Catalunya. All the documentation regarding the official status of these programs can be found here.

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