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About us

About Seeway

Beyond being a school of graphic design, photography, animation and video game design, Seeway is a concept. 

Seeway is creativity and nonconformity. Ideas in motion. An outsider education with its own methodology based on experiential learning, by the hand of professionals in the sector, aimed at talented people who choose their path and trace it themselves. 

Located in the district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, the School breathes the creative breath of Barcelona. Its aesthetics and visual culture constantly inspire it. Its open and cosmopolitan character is part of an identity that is reflected everywhere. 

Since 2019, Seeway is part of LCI Barcelona and the international educational network LCI Education. LCI Barcelona, which started in 1928, has become one of the benchmarks for design and creativity training. Your future starts here!

Seeway - LCI Barcelona's academic offer is very wide and includes:

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