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Bachelor's Degree in Design

Higher Art Education is regulated by the Organic Education Law 2/2006, of 3 May, which establishes in Art. 57 that the Bachelor's Degree in Design will be equivalent to a university degree.

Royal Decree 633/2010, of 14 May, regulates the Higher Degree in Design throughout Spain.

The degree plan of the Bachelor's Degree in Design from Felicidad Duce, LCI Barcelona's School of Higher Education in Design and Fashion, code 08058398, has been approved by Resolution ENS/1962/2015, of 24 August, of the Catalan Ministry of Education, and published in the Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia (DOGC).

Master's Degree in Art Education in Creation and Development of Digital Projects

Master's Degree in Art Education in Experiential Interior Design

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Bachelor's Degree in Design

Master's Degrees in Art Education

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