Graphic Design - Bachelor's Degree | LCI Barcelona, Spain

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design (in Spanish only)

(University degree level, 240 ECTS)
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Bachelor's Degree | BC101 | Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design (in Spanish only)

We find ourselves in a context where increased competitiveness, the importance of corporate identity, considerable growth in information exchange and the development of new technology, all lead the way ahead.

The digitalization of society has created even more interactive disciplines among different sectors, with the designers of digital interfaces and interaction at the focal center of this new world. Faced with these new challenges, LCI Barcelona now offers specialization in Digital Graphic Design or Interactive Design, producing competitive graduate profiles in today’s cultural, social and economic context, while leading professional training in the design sector.

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  • Certification: Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design
  • Language: Spanish
  • Credits: 240 ECTS
  • Program length: 4 years
  • Start date: September
  • Schedule: Mornings or evenings
  • Itineraries:
    • Multimedia design
    • Digital applications
    • Motion graphics

Discover the creations of our Graphic Design students.

- Using graphic language to generate messages and communicate content of various kinds in different ways and for different communication channels.

- Dominating different communication techniques and strategies to be able to create a language, develop and materialize ideas, concepts and images for complex communication programs.

- Generating creative solutions for advertising and corporate communication.

- Knowing how to analyze and verify the productive viability of projects, from formal innovation criteria, business management, and market demands, always having the ability to adapt to changes and industrial.

  • Visual and corporate identity
  • Multimedia computer graphics
  • Digital editorial design
  • Graphic production
  • Motion graphics
  • Digital application design
  • Multimedia design
  • Interaction design, web design
  • Educational material design
  • Audiovisual design
  • Research and teaching
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