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University Diploma in Digital Photography (in Spanish only)

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University Diploma | BD501 | University Diploma in Digital Photography (in Spanish only)

Dual degree with Universidad San Jorge

Photography has acquired an unquestionable strength and presence in the audiovisual universe and, after a history of almost two hundred years, continues to open multiple expressive and professional horizons.

In a complex and interrelated world, photography is a very valuable tool due to its great capacity for transverse action, which has made it a powerful media capable of changing our perception of reality and assuming multidisciplinary artistic challenges.

The University Diploma in Digital Photography proposes new explorations of art and, at the same time, provides the technical resources and manual skills that ensure the achievement of personal and professional communication objectives.

During the program, the future professional can participate in workshops, master classes and specialized events in the sector to maximize his or her creative and technical skills.

After finishing the diploma, the student will be prepared to enter a profession that is increasingly required by companies. He or she will be part of the LCI Education network international portfolio and also part of the wide range of LCI Barcelona job opportunities. The program will also offer the student the possibility of studying a specialization master.

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Learn all the details of the diploma and find out how it will help you become a photographer.

Interview with student

Heidi Cavazos explains her experience in the program and what she values most about the School and the city.

Foto Colectania's "The Projector"

Six diploma students presented their work in this cycle of photoprojections.

  • Degree: University Diploma in Digital Photography (dual degree with Universidad San Jorge)
  • Credits: 180 ECTS
  • Duration: 3 academic years
  • Start date: October
  • Language: Spanish

This program is designed for people who have finished their Upper Secondary School Studies or an Advanced Vocational Training Cycle in a related field and want to start their career in the world of photography.


Degree in Photography and MA in Photography (specialization in curatorship, management and art mediation) from Aalto University, Helsinki. He combines his artistic activity with a curatorial practice. His work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and festivals all over the world. He is also co-founder of Pheed, a multidisciplinary research group based in Barcelona, and a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of Finland.

Discover the projects made by our students through the Portfolio platform.

  • Artistic photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Advertising and product photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Gastronomic photography
  • Interior design photography
  • Sports events photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Press and media photography
  • Industrial and advertising photography
  • Photography teaching
  • Social photography
  • Freelance
  • Digital technician
  • Specialist in image treatment
  • Photo printing technician
  • Social media manager

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