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January 29, 2019

One of the great moments of the year for LCI Barcelona is approaching: February 28th and March 1st we will celebrate the 5th edition of Prospect Design. Our annual design festival will reflect on the theme "Exploring the limits", main objective of the event since its inception.

Prospect Design 2019 will include more than 40 workshops inside and outside the School aimed at providing the entire educational community with a playful and enriching learning experience. It will be an opportunity to break the conventional dynamics of the classes, experiment between specialties, try new formats and tackle challenges exploring the limits to find new ideas and solutions. All attendees will be able to share and exchange knowledge, experiences, projects and aspirations.

On Thursday February 28th from 9:00 to 19:00h and Friday March 1st from 9:00 to 13:00h there will be a book sale by Gustavo Gili Publishing House at the campus reception. The proceeds will go to the LCI Education Foundation, the charity of our network that promotes children's literacy in developing countries. You will find titles such as "Aprende a fotografiar productos como un profesional" by Martí Sans, "Arte Floral. Un taller contemporáneo" by Flowers by Bornay, "Atrévete a rediseñar tu vestuario" by Frau Jona&Son, "La impresión 3D" by Mathilde Berchon and Bertier Luyt, "La mirada creativa" by Peter Jenny and "Patronaje y confección de calzado" by Natalio Martín, among many others.

For this edition of Prospect Design, we count on the collaboration of MACBA. Our students and professors will have free access to the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art during the week of the festival and they will be able to meet its publishing team.

To crown it all, the closing ceremony of Prospect Design will take place in Convent dels Àngels – MACBA on the evening of March 1st. We will count with the presence of Marc Monzó, one of the most representative figures of contemporary Catalan and international jewelry. His work has been recognized with the Françoise van den Bosch Award 2016 and, more recently, the Ciutat de Barcelona Award 2018 in design category. Marc will talk about his experience and how he understands the current practice of the designer, how he approaches the relationship between creativity and market and how he considers that he has achieved his personal and professional success. Starting from the question "Where are the limits?", the guest will reflect on the main challenges that must be addressed today by the designer to find his own space. After his intervention and the presentation of the Award for Pedagogical Excellence, there will be a cocktail sponsored by Sikkim, Fentimans and RoundTable and livened up by Flaix FM music. Students who obtain the Best Look Award during the event will win an AMIC MACBA card and a summer course at the School.

These two days full of activities will reinforce LCI Barcelona's identity as an institution which defends the importance of design when asking questions about the present and proposing solutions for future challenges. Happy #ProspectDesign2019!

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