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Corset Pattern Making (in Spanish only)

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Pattern Making | CP004 | Corset Pattern Making (in Spanish only)

Fashion changes every season, so pattern makers constantly need to make new prototypes. This course develops the applied techniques for corset base patterns, which allow the creation and transformation of the needed model, as well as the pattern industrialization. Performing numerous transformations help students to learn the transformation of the base in the required pattern at every moment.

  • Certification: Corset Pattern Making
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Program length: It depends on the work and the student's level of knowledge
  • Schedule: Mornings or Evenings
  • Directors: Susanna Canalda and Miguel Elola

- Knowing the human figure.

- Applying measures correctly.

- Knowing technical and specific vocabulary.

- Selecting appropriate tissues to each model.

- Knowing specific accessories.

- Developing corset prototypes.

- Mastering tools and necessary machinery for wearing corset manufacture.

- Knowing how to apply correctly volumes and shapes.

- Assembling and making garments.

People who are starting into the exciting world of pattern making and professionals who are seeking new forms and views.

Discover the creations of our Fashion Design students.

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