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Creative Workshop: Moulage (in Spanish only)

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Pattern Making | 0P9-T9M-OU | Creative Workshop: Moulage (in Spanish only)

Pattern making is one of the key pieces to develop a successful collection and pattern maker should be, increasingly, a professional able to understand the needs and challenges in the current fashion collections.

In this course, students will learn to design models and to make patterns using the technique of moulage: both design and making of the pattern are done on a mannequin, or on the human body.

  • Certification: Creative Workshop: Moulage
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Schedule: From Mondays to Fridays (15-21h)
  • Hours: 80
  • Director: Miguel Elola

Learning to develop the clothing creation and construction technique, using the modeling technique of moulage: pattern development, refining, cutting, assembling and making, etc.

Discover the creations of our Fashion Design students.

Students and/or graduates in design. Fine Arts graduates. Pattern makers. Professionals in the sector, without specific degree, who can demonstrate professional experience.

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