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Feli Method

Felicidad Duce, the Fashion School of LCI Barcelona, has her own way of teaching, the prestigious Feli Method, introduced by Ms. Felicidad Duce Ripollés and through which thousands of students have been trained.

In 1950 the brand Feli is registered in the International Registration of Marks and, on 22nd August 1955, the BOE publishes its approval and recognition of national interest.

The Feli Method is a benchmark within the industry and has inspired the pattern-making systems of many of the country's fashion brands. Updated every two or three years, its bases are included in the books of Felicidad Duce Publishing House. Its pages reflect the contribution of great fashion figures such as the fashion designer Pedro Rodríguez, who was a professor at the School and developed innovative ideas together with the founder to train the designers of the future. Over the years, the savoir faire of maestro Rodríguez has remained in our study center thanks to professionals such as Miguel Elola, disciple of him and Cristóbal Balenciaga, who continue to pass on his legacy to the new generations.

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