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Felicidad Duce Publishing House

Pattern making is an indispensable tool for the designer. It helps him to bring his ideas to reality, it allows him to achieve the volumes and silhouette that he pursues and even improve his creations. It gives him power, creativity and autonomy in the development of his talent. And for those who are not designers, it opens the door to a profession or to the Do It Yourself universe.

Within the fashion industry, mastering pattern-making is key to professional success. It is a sector in continuous innovation that understood long ago the importance of the precision of the pattern-making system used to obtain competitive results.

The Fashion School of LCI Barcelona has its own publishing house that collects the bases of the Feli Method created by Felicidad Duce. Its books are aimed at both those who are starting out in the world of industrial pattern-making and grading as well as professionals who are looking for new forms and visions or want to consult the processes of construction and grading of patterns.

The techniques of our pattern-making system are constantly evolving and being revised in order to continue providing a pedagogical material permanently updated by the professors of the School, recognized specialists in the world of design and fashion. These books explain clearly and with abundant graphics and illustrations how to make patterns and gradings to start or improve in the sector.

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