Six LCI Barcelona finalists in Arts of Fashion 2020
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Six LCI Barcelona finalists in Arts of Fashion 2020

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August 05, 2020

Queralt Orriols, Paola Molet, Ricard Baldomà, Paula Ferragut, Carla Reyes and Teresa Gallardo, who are finishing their Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design this academic year, have been chosen to participate in the grand finale of Arts of Fashion international contest. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, 397 students from 103 schools and universities located in 30 different countries sent in their proposals to take part in the 19th edition of the event, whose central theme is "Invisibility". Current circumstances prevented the convening of an international jury, but an exclusive team of fashion experts was constituted to select the 50 finalists (among whom is also Wenny Trifena Sitania, a student of LaSalle College | Jakarta).

LCI Barcelona is once again the most represented school in the final phase of this contest organized by the Arts of Fashion Foundation in which, year after year, it obtains very good results (without going any further, the alumni Sofia Massuti and Daniela Mircea succeed in the 2019 edition). Congratulations to all and good luck!

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