Seeway by LCI Barcelona at Blanc 2019
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Seeway by LCI Barcelona at Blanc 2019

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October 08, 2019

Last week, the Blanc Festival was held on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of October. For this year we were glad to promote this event again, to spend three days surrounded by an amazing organization, to meet big and inspirational professionals from the industry and to listen how they perceive design. We had the possibility to be with Neville Brody, Ian Anderson, Jordi Pericot or Oscar Mariné among other icons.

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We started on Thursday, October 3rd at the Blanc Campus with the Pattern Design & Creative food Workshop hosted by Vega Hernando. There is nothing more typical of a greater party than a good popular lunch. So we set to work on the festival's name design in the most appropriate way. How? With gildas, bravas, mussels, canapés and a lot of creativity.

The same day we had Natalia Franco, a Seeway alumni, at the Campus Blanc, who presented her "Flux days" project, along with other students from different design schools in Barcelona. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her for her great work and efforts. And as the sweeter the sugar, on Thursday we could attend the opening of the exhibition "Mira a Mir, 40 años de recorrido" by Josep Maria Mir (Estudio Summa).

A lot of things happened during Friday and Saturday. From live music to interesting talks, everything surrounded by a lot of art, design and networking. With the help from our teachers, we offered different participative experience that made possible to show what we do inside Seeway by LCI Barcelona. No one better than them to represent and share what we are passionate about, right?

Calligraphy & lettering on skin

What started as an ephemeral body tattoo ended up becoming an opportunity to get the most creative side of everybody. At the end, we could see very interesting designs and very funny photographic records. This activity was very enjoyable, and we had a great time seeing people transformed into canvas of Oriol Miró and Iván Castro artwork.

What began shyly as an ephemeral tattoo on your body finally presented itself as an opportunity to bring out the more creative side of people, and eventually resulted in very interesting designs and fun photographic records.

Digital illustation and photocall

During Friday's afternoon we were with Julia Solans, who let us see her working live on her own illustrations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Wacom and iCreatia, the two companies that gave us the material to make the action with Solans possible.

At the same time, we also could see David Carretero his work live during Friday and Saturday morning. And as though that were not enough, we also were part of their artwork. Do you want to know how? With a digital photocall that lasted all day long and gave us funny records like this.

Jan Barceló and La Polimera artistic intervention

To end with our participation on Blanc Festival 2019, the artistic intervention of Jan Barceló and La Polimera was the icing on the cake. The premise was simple: two screen printed panels, two shapes, two colors and a lot of paper two print on. The results where unpredictable and infinite. People joined the activity by creating different paths with these forms, using both flor and walls. Special thanks to Jan Barceló and La Polimera to make that happen and the people how where there participating!

The last day ended with the mad contest, a name that explains everything you need to know: fellowship, sense of humor and a lot of creativity. And, of course, with the presentation of the one and only Neville Brody.

We had a very special experience, three days plenty of good moments, nice people and brilliant ideas. The Blanc has something different that makes the festival special and we hope that it continues the same way for many years more. We would like to cheer Raúl Ramos and David D'Eboli work, the two founders of The Blanc Festival. We are happy to count with Ramos and his alter ego Pink Morro as a future professor of our Art Direction monographic course.

Thank you for this experience to everybody that where there collaborating, to Seeway by LCI Barcelona, Wacon's and iCreatia's staff and all the people that came to our stand. Moreover, thanks to all our students and former students, future students and profesors that also came to say visit us during the event. And, of course, congratulations to all Blanc Festival staff for such an incredible event!

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