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Arts of Fashion 2019 will have six finalists of LCI Barcelona

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August 27, 2019

Ainara Antxia, Sofia Massuti, Daniela Mircea, Judit Matas, Maria Molina and Rosario Trucco, who have just finished their Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, have been chosen to participate in the grand finale of Arts of Fashion international contest. In total, 287 students from 85 schools and universities located in 28 different countries sent their proposals to participate in the 18th edition of the event, which this year has as its central theme "Verticality".

Our students submitted the illustrations of two of their looks

All finalists will present their work in mid-December at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco during the Arts of Fashion Foundation Symposium. In the case of Ainara and Sofia, their projects have already been awarded in our "Memories of the Future" fashion shows, while Maria's collection is part of the sustainable fashion initiative B·SEArcular. Good luck!

Finalists also include students from other LCI Education network campuses: Rahil Tamimi and Melanie Savard from LaSalle College | Montreal and Novia Tjanggah and Fidelia Inetta Lius from LaSalle College | Indonesia.

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