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Jean-Paul Gaultier, Felicidad Duce Award 2019

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May 17, 2019

The celebration of the 2nd LCI Barcelona Fashion Symposium that took place this Wednesday included the official announcement of the winner of Felicidad Duce Award 2019, which every year recognizes the professional career of relevant figures in the world of design and fashion. In this edition, the award has been given to the prestigious French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for his extraordinary creative and avant-garde career, for breaking into the exclusive world of fashion with a transgressive vision of beauty and for his charismatic combination of sensitivity and talent for making garments.

The award was presented by curator and fashion culture consultant Charo Mora, who defined Gaultier as a "translator between the catwalk and the street". Although he was unable to attend the event due to his busy schedule, the designer thanked us by sending an image with the trophy.

Jean-Paul Gaultier joins the list of Felicidad Duce Award winners, which includes Josep Font (2000), Jordi Labanda (2001), Victorio & Lucchino (2002), Neo2 (2004), Persuade (2005), Adolfo Domínguez (2006), Andrés Sardà (2007), Santa Eulàlia (2008), Puig (2009), Manolo Blahnik (2010), Rosa Clarà (2011), Aitor Throup (2012), Diane Pernet (2013), Daniel Riera (2014), Juan Vidal (2016), Sybilla (2017) and Stephen Jones (2018).

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