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Student exchange between LCI Barcelona and LaSalle College Montreal

July 15, 2016

Thanks to a program of the Quebec and Catalonia governments, a group of third-grade Fashion and Commercialisation design students from LaSalle College Montreal have visited our campus for two weeks. In that time, they have taken a leather goods and shoes course. They have also enjoyed Barcelona with cultural visits and other activities.

Today, they return to Montreal and, with them, six of our students. Thanks to the same program, they will take a course of tissues for extreme climates on LaSalle College campus. They will also have the opportunity to check the level of endurance of these garments. In addition, they could do some sightseeing in the Quebecker city.

We hope that our visitors have enjoyed their experience in the Catalan capital and also that our students who now travel to Canada have a very successful stay.

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