Hey Studio and Arrels Barcelona inaugurate the second season of DI55ECCIONS
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Hey Studio and Arrels Barcelona inaugurate the second season of DI55ECCIONS

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November 23, 2017

Yesterday afternoon the first conference of our cycle in this academic year 2017/18 took place. Following the new mechanics of DI55ECCIONS, Verónica Fuerte (founder of Hey Studio, a graphic design agency specialized in brand identity, editorial world and illustration) and Javier Llaudet (creator together with his cousin Pepe of the vegan and locally produced footwear firm Arrels Barcelona) answered five questions which served to address the close professional relationship between their companies.

After a brief tour through the history of Hey and Arrels, the lecturers explained the beginnings of a collaboration which has borne great fruit. Javier revealed that one of the reasons why he opted for this design studio was that they had no previous experience in fashion sector. For her part, Verónica said that they used many references as a basis: "We were looking for ideas which would help us define the way forward". They then revealed how they were able to translate the brand's values (uniqueness, craftsmanship and handmade character, imperfection, rooting, etc.) and its connection with Barcelona into Arrels' graphic identity. But this does not end here because, as Javier remarked, "we want to look for new canvases to continue developing our creativity in the future".

The attendees had the opportunity to raise some questions to the participants of the session. Asked about Hey Studio's success, Verónica said it was due to their timelessness ("We're not based on trends. Our creations can function today or five years from now ") and to their non-elitist conception of design. To conclude, Javier highlighted the qualities of Arrels Barcelona: "The human side is essential to gain credibility. When you do things right and you give freedom to the professionals you work with, you get special results”.

The event ended with a refreshment at the Ágora, where people were able to share their impressions about the first DI55ECCIONS of the season.

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