Introductory Workshop on Graphic Design and its Digital Tools

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Summer Courses | 0VGX9TAG | Introductory Workshop on Graphic Design and its Digital Tools

This practical workshop is an introduction to the discipline of graphic design and is aimed at discovering how to give visual form to creative ideas and solve specific communication problems. Students will be able to devise, program and create effective visual projects

The course also aims to introduce students to the various computer tools that graphic designers use in their work (Adobe Photoshop©, Illustrator© e InDesign©) and show them how to interact with them to get the most out of what they have to offer.

  • Certification: Introductory Workshop on Graphic Design and its Digital Tools (Summer Course).
  • Language: Spanish or English.
  • Program length: 40 hours.
  • Dates: July.
  • Schedule: Mondays to Fridays.
  • Coordinator: Anna Pallerols
  • Núria Yebra
  • Marina Soto

Students will obtain the main knowledge to carry out a graphic project and will discover the work possibilities offered by Adobe© design programs. The objectives of the program are:

- Providing an overview of the discipline as a visual communication language.

- Understanding and knowing how to express yourself using the vocabulary of graphic design.

- Teaching students how to understand and deal with visual communication problems.

- Familiarizing students with the creative process of design.

- Boosting creativity.

- Learning about the technological and design tools that designers use to communicate a visual message.

- Acquiring the knowledge necessary to apply them in work environments.

Design students or professionals who are interested in receiving basic graphic design training for their first contact with Adobe© software. A minimum level of knowledge of computer use is required.

Discover the creations of our Graphic Design students.

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