Four keys for designing wearables
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Four keys for designing wearables

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April 03, 2017

The wearable universe is increasingly present in our lives, which means that the user, from a more critical and informed perspective, requires these devices a series of functionalities. According to the prestigious consultant GfK, consumers consider four fundamental aspects:

- Design: Owing to the lack of attractive products within the wearable market, many fashion brands have decided to collaborate with technology companies to develop articles that combine design and functionality.

- Naturalness: Users want to wear wearables without being noticed, that is, being able to integrate the new technologies in their daily activities and to manage their smart houses and cars from their devices.

- Personalization: One of the great challenges of the industry is to get this mass technology to accurately adjust to the particularities of each client. Thanks to this adaptability, it will even be possible to use a person's vital signs to unlock a device.

- Data processing: Making improvements in devices’ sensors will enable them to collect, store and process better all the data from the user, offering him more satisfactory answers.


Faced with this constantly updated background, the wearable industry needs professionals with specific training in technologic product design.

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