Official Master's Degree in Technological Product Design (English or Spanish)

Masters and Postgraduates | MA008 | Official Master's Degree in Technological Product Design (English or Spanish)

The Official Master's Degree in Technological Product Design trains professionals who wish to specialize in product design oriented towards consumer experience through the use of new technologies.

The theoretical element of the course syllabus presents the main concepts, theories, and trends to be taken into account when conceiving technological product design projects, mainly through soft technologies, which provide real and effective solutions for the individual or for society as a whole. Students will be trained in project methodology and in the advanced concepts focusing on the user/consumer.

Students may opt between two specializations: wearables and products for the contemporary home. Both options have a series of core elements but the opportunity to choose from two specializations offers students a more competitive degree, which permits them to study technological product problem resolution in greater detail.

Whilst wearables are closely linked to the fashion industry, and above all, to the articles linked to the body and to fashion trends, the study of products for the contemporary home raises other challenges, linked to comfort, home security, and, among other issues, new forms of cohabitation and innovative types of housing.

The program is delivered jointly Eurecat, which enables students to benefit from the latest technology at the facilities of this prestigious center in Canet de Mar.

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  • Certification: Official Master's Degree in Technological Product Design
  • Languages: English or Spanish
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Program length: 1 year divided in 2 semesters
  • Dates: October to July
  • Schedule: Three days a week, 18:00h - 22:00h
  • Specialty itineraries:
    • Wearables
    • Products for the contemporary home
  • Directors: Joris Debo and Tito Favaro
  • Co-director: Ernest Perera
  • Executive Director: Sílvia Ferrer
  • Pau Alsina
  • Saül Baeza
  • Andreu Carulla
  • Evelyn Lebis
  • Francesc Pera
  • Anastasia Pistofidou
  • Rosa Rodríguez

Among other professionals.

- Providing advanced and specialized training which offers solutions related to the development of new areas in technological product design and user interaction, and responds to the increasing demand in the consumption of this type of article.

- Using rigorous research and project development methodology as a key tool for innovation in the design of technological products.

- Learning about and assimilating the tools needed to design and create advanced product prototypes.

- Promoting a spirit of research and innovation aimed at meeting new needs and enabling the progress of individuals, companies and society.

- Encouraging and guiding experimentation and the exploration of the subject in order to provide students with the opportunity to undertake a doctorate.

LCI Barcelona has a wide network of relationships with companies and institutions linked to design world that allows students enrolled in MASTER PROGRAMMES to develop professional internships and enter the labour market.

  • Design of wearables for fashion and sport
  • Technical product design in general
  • Design of technological objects and furniture
  • Systems design
  • Technological product development
  • Generation of new concepts for technological product and service design
  • Art direction for technological product design projects
  • Creative and art direction for firms in the field of wearables
  • Creative and art direction for companies in smart products for the home
  • Product manager technological product design
  • Design management and innovation in specialized projects
  • Design management and innovation in technological products
  • Project management for the creation of wearables
  • Project management for technological product design for the home

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