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Professor | Citlali Hernández

Citlali Hernández

Degree in Industrial Design at Centro de Investigaciones - DiseƱo Industrial at UNAM in Mexico. She has completed the Master's Degree in Digital Arts at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She also holds the Fab Academy 2016 diploma, a program of studies in digital manufacturing at Fab Lab - Barcelona, directed by Neil Gershenfeld from CBA-MIT.

In her work as a designer, she has carried out projects in ceramics, jewellery, furniture and interiors. She was the founder of the Mexican company Nabla, dedicated to the design of furniture for reduced spaces. She was part of the team of the architectural firm Atemporal as project manager in the area of industrial design, and was also part of the Mexican transdisciplinary collective of performance and multimedia #FFFF.

She is currently working as a designer and digital artist in Barcelona, looking for spaces where art, design and technology intersect.

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