Ernest Perera, Professor and Head of Product Design Area, wins Delta de Plata Award 2018

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June 20, 2018

Last Thursday afternoon, the professor and Head of Product Design Area at LCI Barcelona won the prestigious award given by the Association of Industrial Design ADI-FAD for his project Enna Cycle. As Ernest explained to us, this is a menstrual cup with two innovative elements that improve its usability: a patented applicator and a sterilization box. It also stands out for its sustainable and healthy character.

The jury of these leading design awards since their creation in 1961 decided to award Enna Cycle in Products for people category for being an "easy, close and attractive system that shows empathy and connects with the user". Congratulations Ernest!

Andreu Carulla, professor of the Official Master's Degree in Technological Product Design, was in charge of designing the Delta Awards 2018 trophy. Manufactured locally minimizing the use of materials and resources, the award reinforces the identity of the event and allows the winner to shape it to his liking.

Image: ADI-FAD.

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