DI55ECCIONS with Domestic Data Streamers
April 19, 2017 – 07 p.m. 08:30 p.m.

DI55ECCIONS with Domestic Data Streamers

Renowned professionals of design world talk to us about their influences and the industry trends. Martina and Axel, from Domestic Data Streamers, are the protagonists of the fourth session.

April 19, 2017 – 07 p.m. 08:30 p.m.
LCI Barcelona campus, Balmes street, 209
Admission free and limited

Without time to breathe after the last DI55ECCIONS in which we knew Javier Aristu better, we present the fourth conference of our cycle. Next Wednesday April 19th at 19:00h we will receive Martina and Axel, from Domestic Data Streamers.

This company was born in 2013 when its creators, a group of design students, were invited to participate in a street art festival to embody the passage of the people over a mural. Its leaders, united by the goal of creating new communication forms through data storytelling, argue that any important exchange of information between people must always include emotions and experiences.

Building on this premise, the team of developers has taken on the challenge of transforming raw data into interactive systems and experiences, allowing organizations to communicate through data storytelling by incorporating data into emotions, simplifying complex information and generating knowledge. In just four years, they have worked for renowned museums, institutions and organizations such as the California Academy of Sciences, UNICEF, Qatar Foundation or Spotify.

After Easter, Martina and Axel will visit us to di55ect the design (5 influences + 5 trends) from a close and didactic perspective, ensuring that all the attendees enjoy a great evening. We will have some Moritz and vermouth Yzaguirre. Register now for the new DI55ECCIONS!

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