Postgraduate in Coolhunting and Trend Forecasting
Masters and Postgraduates | ES03C | Postgraduate in Coolhunting and Trend Forecasting

In this program we will analyze the birth and development of trends, fashions and hypes, as well as the performance of the different consumer segments. We will learn how to develop professional trend reports and learn about and apply the different qualitative market research tools provided by coolhunting. The postgraduate teaching team is composed of different profiles of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, who will guide and offer the knowledge and tools necessary for an optimal application of this discipline.

The program also includes offsite practices in European reference cities in the training, detection and analysis of market trends: London, Antwerp, Paris and Berlin. The amount of flights and accommodation are included in the total price of the course.

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  • Certification: Postgraduate in Coolhunting and Trend Forecasting
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Program length: 1 semester
  • Dates: March to July
  • Schedule: Mondays to Thursdays, from 19 to 22h
  • Directors: Aleix Perdigó and Francesca Tur
  • Albert Castelltort
  • Andrés Colmenares
  • Laurent Laigat
  • Nuria Peist
  • Berta Segura
  • Tatel Velásquez, etc.

- Providing the necessary knowledge to identify typologies and current consumer profiles correctly.

- Learning to analyse global markets and mass markets, niche market, partnerships between brands and designers (co-branding), etc.

- Training professionals who are able to investigate, interpret and detect new trends.

- Providing the necessary reports for trends and lifestyles.

  • Tvrbo
  • WGSN
  • Coolhunter
  • Trendspotter
  • Stylesearcher
  • TrendBooker
  • Advertiser
  • Market analyst
  • Brander

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