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Loan regulations

The Library allows you to borrow 3 books and 2 magazines at the same time, always presenting your LCI Barcelona card.

  • Books: 10 days loan, renewable 3 times as long as the copy is not reserved.
  • Magazines: 7 days loan, renewable once as long as the copy is not reserved. The last issue of each magazine is excluded from loan and can only be consulted in the room.
  • End-of-Study Projects (TFE, TFM and thesis): excluded from loan, only available for consultation in the room.

*Excluded from loan are the books with a red sticker, the special fund, trend books, Pantone books and other sensitive materials, all of which can be consulted in the room.

Documents must be returned within the deadline. The delay in the return is reason for a day of suspension in the service of loan by document and day of delay.

In case of loss or damage, the user will have to return the borrowed article with a copy of the same edition. If it is out of print, the amount must be paid or another article of similar characteristics must be acquired at the proposal of the School. The user must make the restitution or payment of the article within a maximum period of 15 days and, until it is made effective, he cannot use the loan service or the computers of the Library.

Renewal of loan

This can be done within 3 days before the loan due date, provided that the document is not reserved by another user. Up to 3 loan renewals are possible in the case of books and 1 in the case of magazine loans.

The channels for exercising this option are: by e-mail, by telephone (+34 93 237 27 40 - extension 6123) or through the LCI Barcelona Library Catalogue (indicating the e-mail as user and the card number as password).

Inter-library loan

Thanks to the agreement with the University Union Catalogue of Catalonia (CCUC), we can access the inter-library loan service with most of Catalan universities.

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