Professor | Javier Royo | LCI Barcelona Higher Education Design School | Barcelona, Spain
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Professor | Javier Royo

Javier Royo

Designer and illustrator. He is founder and creative director of Chispum Studio, a graphic design studio in Barcelona with projects developed in France, England, Italy, United States, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Lebanon and Turkey. He created the decorative vinyl brand Chispum, in which he collaborates as an author. He is also an illustrator for publishing houses such as Edelvives or Santillana and for publications such as Interviú (illustrating Juan José Millás), El País, El Semanal or the design magazine Visual.

He has published the essay "Diseño Digital" for Paidós publishing house, as well as several comic books such as "Martín Berasategui y David de Jorge" (Junceda Illustration Award of the APIC), "La Tortilla de Patatas" (Penguin Random House), "La Cebolla Asesina" and "La Escuela".

Graphic Design
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