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The LCI Education Network is proud to announce the launch of the LCI Education Foundation, a registered charity. The foundation is a program of social participation in which each of the 15000 students of the network spread across five continents can offer their time, their talent and their efforts to help improve and change the world. His ideas and initiatives are the future.

The main mission of the foundation is to promote school perseverance. In addition, it is committed to promote child literacy, especially in emerging countries where the network it is present.

The funding will come from a variety of sources: fundraisers from student projects across 23 campuses, corporate donations, network contributions, student contributions and other voluntary donations. "I am very proud to be a part of this beautiful adventure whose values I absolutely share, and I am eager to see these projects come true", said Ms. Parker, director of philanthropic development of the LCI Education Foundation.

Being involved within the foundation means contributing to improving access to education and strengthening social awareness. The LCI Education Foundation is available to students to grow as citizens of the world.

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