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Master in New Trends in Industrial Product Design (in Spanish only)

Masters and Postgraduates | MA5TE | Master in New Trends in Industrial Product Design (in Spanish only)

Discover the latest trends in the field of mobility, food and home

This program offers the students the possibility of knowing the keys to the current challenges in the field of industrial product design, teaching a better prepared and competitive professional profile.

The objects that make up our environment and that we use in our daily lives are the result of social, cultural, economic and technological changes. The creative must understand them in order to respond to market needs and new consumer demands, learning to integrate these trends in the design and development of new products. The use of the latest techniques and methodologies of ideation and innovation enables the students to create value proposals that connect with the market.

The master, which has a clear theoretical and practical character, consists of different modules focused on three major industrial sectors:

  • Mobility: What travel needs are arising? Knowledge of more sustainable materials will form the basis of this module. The students will learn to face a real challenge through an ideation and experimentation project with the automotive company Hispano Suiza.
  • Food: How can we perfect the food production, transformation and consumption? Through digital manufacturing, the students will develope a food design project in collaboration with the Plat Institute to improve the user experience in each of these phases.
  • Home: What changes are taking place in the home? The furniture and housing sector is a reference for transformation. In this module, the students will visit the Milan Furniture Fair to see how major brands are facing new lifestyles and how they communicate their designs. The master's final project will be done with the lighting design company Vibia.
  • Degree: Master in New Trends in Industrial Product Design
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 academic year
  • Start date: October
  • Language: Spanish
  • Course type: On campus
  • Professional internships: Extracurricular (900h/company max.)

This program is aimed at graduates in Design and professionals in the Product area who wish to acquire knowledge and professional practice in the creation of innovative design products that meet the trends and needs of users.

It is also aimed at professionals in the design sector who want to learn about the new panorama of the current production market, both in terms of social, technological, methodological and sustainability trends and in the communication of the project. 

Likewise, the master has been designed for creatives who wish to develop their professional activity in areas such as mobility, food design or furniture.


Product and experience designer who helps companies to be more competitive. He is an expert in providing concept renewal and development, giving specific solutions for each case. In 2006 he created his own home products editor, Amor de Madre. He is currently responsible for the Product Design area of LCI Barcelona, as well as collaborating as a professor in other design universities. He has worked with companies and institutions such as Camper, Lékué, Delica, Mago Urban, Alma Light, Rumitag, the Museo Picasso, Artesanía de Cataluña and the ADI-FAD, and has exhibited in galleries around the world.

Discover the projects made by our students through the Portfolio platform.

  • Product designer
  • Industrial designer
  • Mobility product designer
  • Product designer for the food sector
  • Designer of objects and furniture for home and lighting
  • Responsible for design area in companies of the sector
  • Innovation manager
  • Materials researcher
  • Project manager designer
  • Trendsetter
  • Creator of new concepts for product or service design
  • Creative or art director in advertising agencies
  • Product manager for industrial product design projects
  • Design and innovation manager in specialized projects
  • Design and innovation director
  • Project manager for the creation of products for mobility, the food sector and objects and furniture for the home

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