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Master in Technological Product Design (in Spanish only)

Masters and Postgraduates | MA5P1 | Master in Technological Product Design (in Spanish only)

Specialize in the development of wearables and smart products that improve people's lives

This program teaches a professional profile specialized in product design focused on the consumer experience through the use of new technologies.

The study program includes a theoretical part with the main concepts, theories and trends to be considered in order to conceive technological product design projects (mainly through soft technologies) that provide real and effective solutions to the individual or society. The students will be trained in project methodology and advanced concepts focused on the user/consumer.

Within the wearables module, the students will know the latest trends in design of wearable technologies (t-shirts that warn you if your back position is incorrect, bracelets that inform you about your health, shoes that guide you through an unknown city, etc. and all in real time).

The smart products module offers the possibility of knowing, experimenting, devising and developing objects oriented to the home environment, which is increasingly technological (intelligent lighting, the Internet of Things, etc.) and to those who live there. All these products are a reality and the beginning of many more.

The program is taught in collaboration with Eurecat - Technology Center of Catalonia, where some sessions will be held so that students can enjoy the most innovative technologies in its leading facilities.

"Jabe" project

"Jabe" project

The student Enara Agirrezabala presents a wearable that helps detect and prevent panic attacks.

"Sikher" project

"Sikher" project

Discover the device by the student Irene Grasa that alerts the driver when he or she shows sleepiness symptoms.

Official Master in Technological Product Design LCI Barcelona

Interview with the director

Meet in depth Gianluca Pugliese, director of the master's program.

  • Degree: Master in Technological Product Design
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 academic year
  • Start date: October
  • Language: Spanish
  • Course type: On campus

This program is aimed at graduates in Design and professionals in the Product area who wish to acquire knowledge and professional practice around the creation of current and innovative articles applied to the fields of portable products (wearables) and products linked to smart technology at home (smart products).


Master in Digital Fabrication. After 10 years working in the world of aeronautics, he decided to focus his professional career in the field of 3D printing. He has worked as a developer in the most important companies in Italy within the 3D printer sector and has participated as an artist in different events and exhibitions such as the Biennale di Venezia or the Milan Design Week. In 2016 he moves to Madrid, where, after being part of the R&D department of BQ, he launches the Iberian delegation of WASP. In 2018 he founded LOWPOLY, WASP distributor in Spain and Portugal.

Discover the projects made by our students through the Portfolio platform.

  • Design of wearables for fashion and sport
  • Design of technological products (smart products)
  • Design of technological objects and furniture for the home
  • Innovation manager
  • Generation of new concepts for technological product or service design
  • Creative and artistic direction for companies in the field of wearables or smart products
  • Product manager for technological product design projects
  • Design and innovation management for specialized projects
  • Design and innovation management in the technological product sector
  • Project management for the creation of wearables or smart products

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