XII Impulso Contest by CYL Intimate Underwear and LCI Barcelona

XII Impulso Contest by CYL Intimate Underwear and LCI Barcelona

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May 25, 2017

This morning, our facilities have held the judging of the competition organized by the famous magazine of corsetry, lingerie and swimsuit sector in collaboration with the School. Participating students were required to complete a project for each of the proposed trends: "Deep Glamour", "Radical Honesty" and "Sporty Activist". The design of the collections, which are intended for next season, included a pattern, its applications in the garment and a minimum of three looks, including a complement and a star piece for catwalk.

The judges of this contest new edition have been: Cristina Torras (Bohodot), Andrés Fernández and Meritxell Espiell (ORY), Pepa Clavera (Cris Zarel), Leni Palmer (LCI Barcelona - Felicidad Duce), Belen Larruy (Guillermina Baeza and LCI Barcelona - Felicidad Duce), Jordi Borruell, Laura Ugalde and Marga Campins (CYL), Conxita Domènech (Estilmar), Nuria Sardà (ANDRES SARDA), Consol Bañón (INVISTA), Gemma Torrent (Red Point), Mª Teresa Roig (Roidal), Ana Sánchez (Dolores Cortés), Mireia González (Nylstar) and Montse Villar (BASMAR).

The magazine will announce the winners and finalists during July. In addition to its publication, the selected garment will be produced and a fashion editorial will be made with it.

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