An afternoon of creative experimentation with Bart Hess

An afternoon of creative experimentation with Bart Hess

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May 19, 2017

Our campus held yesterday the workshop "Interaction seen in the animal kingdom" by the prestigious designer Bart Hess. The event, celebrated in the framework of the DEMO festival organized by ADI-FAD and curated by Diego Ramos and Saúl Baeza, brought together a team of students from LCI Barcelona and external professionals (including some alumni). All of them came with some ideas and willing to make the most of those hours with the Dutch artist, and the workshop did not disappoint anyone.

After a brief presentation in which the designer showed some of his most significant works, the audience was divided into groups to talk and decide where to focus their projects. In addition to everything provided by the School, each participant brought different materials (fabrics, plastics, ropes, papers, foams, etc.) to experiment with them from the intuition and following the instinct of design. From the research of multiple types of reactions observed in the animal kingdom, they created objects and textures which were adaptable to the body and that enabled interaction with the others and with the environment. All this under the leadership of Hess and his distinctive creativity and innovative spirit.

The workshop concluded shortly before 21:00h with the shared feeling of having achieved the initial goal and with the background of a great experience that the attendees will not forget. You can see some of the projects that were done using the hashtag #barthessanimal on Instagram.

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