The 2019-2020 academic year begins!

The 2019-2020 academic year begins!

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September 18, 2019

Last Friday we celebrated a Welcome Day for the new students of Bachelor's Degrees in Design. Our general director, Sílvia Viudas, made a presentation of LCI Barcelona and the LCI Education network: "We want to share with you the pride of belonging to an international group and join you on your way to professional and personal success, which we will achieve together with dedication, enthusiasm and effort".

Afterwards, the students were able to learn a little more about how the School works thanks to Cristina Abilla and Jordi Rotllan, directors of Academic Affairs and Marketing and Communication departments, respectively, and to the managers of Fashion, Graphic, Product and Interior Design areas. Our alumni didn't want to miss the event either: Manuel Bolaño (designer with his own brand and professor at LCI Barcelona), Carlos Barrutia and Laia Castellano (both leaders of the brand Inkrush together with Carlos Calvo) visited us to advise the new students and solve their doubts, while Juan Antonio Ávalos (senior product designer at Nike) and Míriam Prat (designer at Animal Eye London) sent a video message to the attendees.

The Welcome Day ended with a motivational workshop given by Silvia Lafarga, an educational psychologist and social educator from the UAB who has more than 20 years of experience in the management of academic training and motivation of students, professionals and work teams.

The day before we also celebrated a Welcome Day for professors


LCI Barcelona keeps growing and increasing its educational community. Almost 500 students have enrolled this year in our design careers, in addition to Erasmus students from different countries (Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, etc.) who will visit us in the coming months. For their part, some of our students will spend a semester in other prestigious universities such as the London College of Fashion or the Politecnico di Milano.

The School is linked to numerous companies and institutions in design world through collaborations, co-titles, affiliations or internship agreements. In this last section, only last year our students carried out 271 internships.

Welcome to LCI Barcelona!

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