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Students of Barcelona and Montréal, in Tokyo

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September 02, 2014

The School has organized, for the second year in a row, a cultural trip to Tokyo because of the beginning of the course 2014/15 for all the students who next year will begin their final projects. Again, they will be accompanied by Gabriel Torres, the pedagogic director of Design studies.

The innovation of this edition is that they will join other students of Montréal, accompanied by Martin Philibert, art director, with the aim to find the inspiration in such an exotic and wealth-producing city as Tokyo.

Throughout thirteen days, among many other places, they will visit the Bunka Gauken Costume Museum, the Neighborhood Ebisu where there is the first shop of Maison Martin Margiela, a Mini market of ancient kimonos, Foret (designers and Japanese brands), the Harajuku girls, Asakusa's traditional Neighborhood and the Temple Sensoji, Shinjuku's Neighborhood with his TokyoHands and Yuzawaya (material for designers, leather shoulder-straps …), the Temple Zozoji, the Tokyo Tower, Shibuya's Neighborhood, the Neighborhood Aoyama and the big flagshipstores (Prada, Comme des garçons, Yamamoto, Miyake …), the Sugino Costume Museum and Odaiba's Island to contemplate the Bay of Tokyo and Rainbow bridge.

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