The student Thaísa Plein designs a decalogue on the confinement for the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

The student Thaísa Plein designs a decalogue on the confinement for the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

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May 02, 2020

From our School we continue helping to combat COVID-19 as we know best: through design and creativity. Thaísa Plein, student of the Higher Diploma in Graphic and Digital Design, has been in charge of preparing the infographics for the campaign "10 tips for families for healthy confinement" from FAROS Sant Joan de Déu, the digital platform for health promotion and child welfare at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona. Thaísa's project is made up of easily understandable creatives designed so that all families can download the decalogue from the web and have it always at hand, or consult it through other channels such as social networks.

We have spoken to her for more details:

- How did they propose to be part of the initiative?

I suppose that, being involved in different projects of the School, in addition to the fact of having a young daughter, professor David Carretero (who also collaborates with the hospital) proposed to me to be part of this campaign for Sant Joan de Déu.

- What were your objectives when making the infographics? What were you looking to say?

I wanted the infographics to be very easy for both children and adults to understand. I used the hospital's corporate colors, which are bright and cheerful, to convey an optimistic and close message.

Some of the infographics designed by Thaísa

- What feedback did FAROS Sant Joan de Déu give you when you presented the final proposal?

The only requirement was 10 tips, so I had a lot of freedom to design a project. After adjusting my initial idea (which included some dolls next to the icons), the final proposal liked them and fitted with what they needed, so great. It was fast!

- How does it feel to know that your work is helping to transmit the advice and recommendations of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu to families across the country?

The truth is that I had not thought about it until now. This type of collaboration enhances us as human beings. Everyone can contribute something and this is my little help. It is nice to know that a design of yours can be helping families, children, entertaining these difficult and complicated moments, especially for the little ones.

- Finally, how do you think design and creativity can help us cope with the situation we are experiencing?

The graphic design allows you to awaken feelings that are hidden down there and inspires sensations that are difficult to enliven otherwise. Design and creativity are very powerful communication tools and, if we know how to use them well, we can reach others in a deeper and more effective way. With the design we can also add some colour to dark situations like the current one, we can cheer, we can awaken emotions and help transmit strength and encouragement. We can enter into each one of us.

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