Lara Costafreda brings us the world of fashion illustration
Session with the famous illustrator

Lara Costafreda brings us the world of fashion illustration

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October 06, 2016

Last Wednesday 5 October, we received the visit of this experienced illustrator formed between Barcelona, ​​London (Central Saint Martins) and Rio de Janeiro, and currently resides in Barcelona, ​​where he works for major brands, publications and agencies worldwide. She combines these studies with his work as a professor at our Postgraduate in Creative Illustration in Fashion.

Attendees enjoyed a very instructive session in which Lara gave an overview of his entire career. Although he began doing odd jobs for his family and friends, soon she realized that what had started as a hobby had become his passion. Lara stressed the great importance of digital tools, that enable illustrators being adapted to customer demands more quickly and effectively. Asked about the secret to draw well, the guest was clear: "You must spend many hours and never stop learning".

At the end of the session, more details about our Postgraduate in Creative Illustration in Fashion were given. This course offers many job opportunities because it provides students with manual and digital techniques needed to develop projects in advertising, websites, corporate identity elements, etc.

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