Remko Vermeulen defends User Research at the new DI55ECCIONS
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Remko Vermeulen defends User Research at the new DI55ECCIONS

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March 12, 2018

Telefónica Alpha's Vice President of Product was the guest of our cycle's third conference, held last Wednesday afternoon. First of all, Remko reviewed his extensive career, which includes companies such as Renault, Wallpaper, Financial Times, Warner Brothers, British Council, Reliance India, Yukos Russia and Electrolux Italy. He also founded the IxDA (Interaction Design Association) and was a mentor at Healthbox London, Wayra, Startup Bootcamp and Fintech. As he explained, the search for user happiness has been a constant throughout his career.

On the current design, Remko defined it as "more and more strategic", and pointed out that designers must adapt to this trend if they do not want to be left behind: "The key is to create a quality item that is economic and, moreover, to achieve it as soon as possible". A good part of the conference was focused on the importance of User Research in service design, given that it helps to answer questions related to the conception and the use of the product by the consumer. Before answering the audience's questions, the speaker defended a three-phase creative process (Prototyping – Testing – Learning) that is constantly repeated to obtain a quality result.

The event ended with a refreshment at the Ágora, where attendees were able to share their impressions about the third DI55ECCIONS of the season.

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