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In early April

Everything is ready for the Prospect Design 2016

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March 24, 2016

This year we adopt the concept “From Dreamers to Makers”: the Educational School Project considers the empowerment of the student as principal challenge so he can focus his personal growth and his own professional career. That is why we are sure that the programmed activities and the guests will transmit perfectly this concept to our students.

The event will culminate on April 7th with the Masterclass of Cecilia Tham "Stop working and start making”, the delivery of 16th Felicidad Duce Award to the designer Juan Vidal and a great party in Los Tilos.

With the programmed activities, the aim is to propitiate a different and wealth-producing experience to the student and, especially, to promote an inclusive and integration culture around the design, understood this one as a tool of social, personal and professional growth.

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