"Moltes Gràcias": a #MadeInLCI project to promote local commerce in Gràcia
"Dissenyem Comerç" initiative

"Moltes Gràcias": a #MadeInLCI project to promote local commerce in Gràcia

June 18, 2021

Our students Cristina Martín, Javiera Delgado, Cristina Mosillo, Marta Augé, Paola Sight Morelli and Carla Solá (Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design), together with professors Oliver Montiel and Anna Busquets, have participated in the initiative "Dissenyem Comerç" organized by the Barcelona City Council and other entities.

This project aims to reactivate and encourage local commerce in the Gràcia neighborhood and bring it closer to all citizens of Barcelona. "Dissenyem Comerç" wants to offer a new opportunity to the businesses attached to the Eix Comercial Torrijos and Travessera de Gràcia, which in the last year have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

Project members and their roles

Through empathy, interdisciplinary work and the use of design thinking as a methodological framework, the LCI team has explored during the last months the life in the neighborhood to develop a viable proposal that generates positive effects. The people involved, especially storekeepers and associations, have been able to share their vision and needs through surveys, interviews and co-creation workshops.

The resulting initiative seeks to enhance cooperation among all the agents involved in order to establish close relationships that reinforce the unity of the neighborhood. It also aims to encourage the rediscovery of local commerce by boosting the shopping experience in the stores of Gràcia.

The students conducted street interviews

Our students and professors have designed the brand "Moltes Gràcias" ("Very Gràcias"), based on a play on words between the expression of gratitude, the name of the neighborhood and the plurality of people and groups that are part of it. This is supported by a complete visual system that highlights the most representative elements of Gràcia: nature, music, art, tradition, gastronomy, nightlife, etc. The project includes all the details concerning the application of the brand (logo, claims, illustrations, typography, colors...) for the launch of campaigns in different supports such as guides, posters, merchandising, stickers and social media content.

Congratulations to the whole team, great job!

Graphic Design
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