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Professor and Head of Area Ernest Perera opts for the Delta Awards with Enna Cycle

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May 22, 2018

Ernest Perera, professor and Head of Product Design Area at LCI Barcelona, is a finalist of the prestigious awards given by the Association of Industrial Design ADI-FAD with his proposal Enna Cycle. This menstrual cup differs from the current offer by two elements that improve its usability: an applicator (with its own patent) and a sterilization box.

After several months of research asking for advice to specialists and potential users, Ernest has developed a project that also stands out for its sustainable character (it has an estimated duration of 6 to 10 years), comfortable (it can be used for 12 hours straight) and healthy (it is produced with liquid medical silicone which does not allow microorganisms to grow in it).

The Delta Awards ceremony will be held on June 14th as part of the Barcelona Design Week. Congratulations and good luck, Ernest!

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