An automatic weather station wins the Award for Best High School Final Project 2019
Second edition

An automatic weather station wins the Award for Best High School Final Project 2019

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November 06, 2019

Iván Casanovas, student of Daina-Isard School, has won the second edition of the LCI Barcelona Award for Best High School Final Project with Meteoscopi, an approach to the field of meteorology that analyses its evolution and the impact of technology on the improvement of all its facets. The research culminates in the construction of an automatic weather station using tools such as 3D printing, IoT and Arduino. Iván has obtained 3,000 euros for cultural products or services, while his school has received a set of books from Gustavo Gili Publishing House valued at 200 euros. Carolina Puiggròs (Jesuïtes Sarrià - Sant Ignasi) and Martina Viñas (Vedruna Escorial - Vic) have been finalists thanks to the projects Cheerleading fashion collection elaboration and Les personnes, l'espace et l'entourage en pleine harmonie, respectively.

Carolina Puiggròs, one of the finalists of the award

The announcement was made on our campus during the X High School Meeting, which annually brings together professionals from different high schools of Catalonia. The general director, Sílvia Viudas, and Beatriu Malaret, director of Pedagogy, presented the awards. As a great novelty this year, the winner of the award gave a presentation of his project to all attendees.

Iván Casanovas presented his project to the attendees

After the event, the pedagogue and psychologist Elena Ojando taught the workshop "Digital teaching competence. Tools and resources 2.0 to search, create and evaluate", which covered topics such as the didactic use of ICT and the design of digital learning materials and environments.

Elena Ojando gave a workshop on digital teaching competence

The LCI Barcelona Award for Best High School Final Project highlights studies and professions linked to design, innovation and creativity. It also aims to encourage vocations in these sectors and to awaken the talent of future professionals. The jury of the contest, composed by our general director, the director of Pedagogy and the School's heads of area, considers aspects such as the relevance of the chosen subject, the theoretical basis, the sustainability or the research design, among others.

The third edition of the award is already underway. The deadline for the reception of projects is June 2020. More info here!

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