The spectacular trailer of "Inner Worlds", our Fashion Talent Show 2021, is now available
Virtual fashion show

The spectacular trailer of "Inner Worlds", our Fashion Talent Show 2021, is now available

July 21, 2021

57 collections, 8 looks per project, 4 days of filming and a lot of #MadeInLCI talent and creativity. You can now enjoy the trailer of "Inner Worlds", the Fashion Talent Show 2021 with the final projects made by the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design.

The new virtual fashion show, which will be officially released in autumn, has been a transversal and collaborative project in which students, professors and staff of the School have participated. With a creative direction driven from the Fashion area led by Estel Vilaseca, it was filmed at Top Studios according to the set design developed by Pedro Coelho, head of the Interior area. The professor and director Alex Llopis was responsible for the direction and editing.

Photography students, led by Salvatore Elefante, were in charge of capturing all the collections. Marta Augé, student of the Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design directed by the head of area Anna Pallerols, has created the credits, while the students of the Master in Fashion Marketing, Communication and Event Planning have collaborated with the production of the fashion show.

We would like to congratulate our students for being able to express their vision of fashion and society by combining aesthetics, technique, technology and innovation, as well as the tutors and professors who have accompanied them throughout this journey. In addition, we want to thank the agency Towanda Models and the school of makeup, hairdressing, aesthetics and image consulting Thuya for their collaboration in LCI Barcelona's Fashion Talent Show 2021.

Photography students have been in charge of capturing the different looks

Congratulations to all of them:

- Designers: Gerard Aznar, Carla Calbet, Estefanía Emperador, Maria Alejandra Garcia, Irene Ibarz, Silvia Martí, Aleix Martos, Andrea Oliva, Camelia Maria Rendón, Miquel Torralba, Adriana Bertomeu, Emma Dobarco, Mariona Granollers, Claudia Gutiérrez, Maline Latorre, Carmen Martinez, Mònica Perez, Ariadna Ruiz, Carla Sánchez, Miriam Bautista, Claudia Brugat, María Cadanet, Sara Calero, Sonia Cuesta, Elisa Monterde, Gemma Torrent, Anna Bieto, Olga Duran, Estela García, Ariadna Gegúndez, Aida Mateo, Mar Mondelo, Anna Paez, Regina Pera, Roser Samblas, Kevin Torrente, Marino Castro, Jin Bing Huang, Roger Iniesta, Claudia Lavado, Nerea Llobregat, Blanca López de Sagredo, Nuria Xiaotian Sans, Alexandra Alonso, Sara Bailac, Rocío Berrondo, Cristina Casas, Carla Lázaro, Júlia Pagespetit, Inés Aldrey, Rubén Arranz, Marc Bertomeu, Neus García, Paula Hidalgo, Marta Llorens, Cristina Rajadell and Anna Santos.

- Project manager: Gabriel Torres.

- Tutors: Estefanía Feu, Maria Costa, Lucia Alcaina, Montse Liarte, Fran Jiménez, Sophia Pega, Jessica Raya, Susanna Canalda, Manuel Bolaño, Blanca Isus and Daniel Cantó.

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