The Passejada amb Barret becomes a virtual event

The Passejada amb Barret becomes a virtual event

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April 22, 2020

COVID-19 has forced to postpone or suspend many of the activities that were planned for the coming weeks and months. One of them is the Passejada amb Barret (Stroll with a Hat), an event organized by Barcelona hatters Nina Pawlowsky (professor of our School) and Cristina de Prada with the sponsorship of the Spanish Association of Hatters. Adapting to the current situation, Nina and Cristina have decided to transform the Passejada amb Barret into a virtual event that will take place this Sunday, April 26th.

We have spoken to Nina for more details:

- What will the Passejada amb Barret Virtual consists of?

We suggest that people take a photo with their hats and, if possible, with the Rambla de Catalunya plaque (printed, drawn or as they can). They must post the images on social networks tagging the Spanish Association of Hatters and send them to We will not be able to share this day in person, but we will not stop being virtually united.

- Why have you decided to keep the event despite the current situation?

The Passejada amb Barret is an event awaited by many people, not only from Barcelona but also from the surroundings (and even from other countries and places in the world). Many activities have already been suspended because of the virus, and there has been a popular call for us to continue it. It is a playful, visual, generous and fun event, we did not want to miss this edition as well. We are more handsome and interesting with a hat and we should not miss the occasion!

- What will you do with all the photographs that will be collected?

We are going to share them on social networks (the format we are still working on), especially on the Instagram accounts of the Passejada amb Barret and the Spanish Association of Hatters, an institution of which I am president and partner. Our sponsors at the Rambla Catalunya Association will also support the event so that it reaches all possible audiences.

- Do you think that design and creativity help to cope with the situation we live in?

For me it has always been an irrevocable topic, even before confinement. Personally, I don't understand life without it. But there is design and creativity in many areas, also mental and thinking. It would be great to be able to cover all its facets. And learn to live with less but better. And preserve our environment. Hats have been part of our wardrobe and, above all, they are art and culture, two elements that we always need, but even more if possible at the moment.

The Passejada amb Barret held its first edition in 2005 and, thanks to its unique character, has been gaining popularity over the years, inspiring the organization of similar gatherings around the world. COVID-19 has forced the activity to be virtual in 2020 but, despite the circumstances, we encourage you to put on your best hat and wear it this Sunday from home.

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